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Cody joined our retail sales team in April of 2019. While attending culinary school, they started working weekends at a small wine shop and the rest is history. While Cody appreciates most wine styles, the wines of Alsace, Germany and Australia- particularly the Barossa Valley and Margaret River- are particularly exciting. They love learning new things and brings a deep enthusiasm for the ever-changing and ever-expanding wine industry. Outside of work, Cody also enjoys horror movies, cooking, long walks on the beach, and flower arranging.
Cody is WSET Level 3 certified and holds a Culinary Arts Diploma.

Cody's Picks

A premium nama (young + fresh) sake from Takara Sake with a 60% polish rate (this refers to the polishing of the rice granules to remove the outer fat and protein with stronger flavour profiles that may not be desirable). Most premium sake shows much better chilled than heated, allowing it to retain and show off its more delicate, floral notes. From this nama sake you can expect notes of green melon, raw almond, a distinct earthy quality that makes it a superb pairing option. Sushi is the cliche choice, but this style actually pairs better with heartier fare- think dumplings or tonkatsu. For lovers of fresh, savoury white wines with some weight (Vermentino, Soave, Roussanne…)

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