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Liam Mastersmith

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This natural orange wine from the Rheinhessen region in Germany is an excellent summer wine. If you just thought, “Orange wine? Is that made from oranges?”- don’t worry, you’re not alone! People are getting excited about orange wines more often- and for good reasons. Orange wines are the product of using white grapes in the same way that red wine is typically made. Instead of removing the skins after grapes are pressed (as is usually the case for white wine), the juice is fermented in contact with the grape skins- producing an orange-like hue. And so, while no actual oranges are used in the making of this wine, it sure tastes that way! Made as naturally as possible, without added yeast, temperature control, sulphur or filtration, this wine is bursting with tropical fruit on the nose and bright orange, citrus and stone-fruit flavours-a great patio sipper! 

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