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Liam Mastersmith

Customer Service Sales Associate

Liam has experience at his family’s KIN Vineyards, working with some of Ontario’s most northerly plantings of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. After completing an accelerated Sommelier program at Algonquin College, Liam has hosted tasting events, guided tours, and been apart of every stage of the winemaking process at the winery. Joining the team in 2021, Liam brings all this as well as enthusiasm and positivity to Bishop’s Cellar.

Favourite grape or wine region?

Pinot Noir!

Coffee or tea; what wakes you up in the morning? And how do you take it?

The Halifax traffic usually wakes me up in the morning, and after that, I need a coffee.

Share something personal; what is your favourite book, movie and/or song?

1938’s The Adventures of Robin Hood with Errol Flynn.

Liam Mastersmith's Picks

Ah, November. I often find myself eating more stir-frys and spicy foods this month, and that also means I find myself drinking more Riesling! 

Hailing from the sunny hillsides of Wickerbachtal in the Rheingau, this Riesling takes its name from one of Germany’s most acclaimed vineyards, the “Hochheimer Königin Victoriaberg,” and is a fantastic expression of the grapes grown there. Characterized by fresh pear and a hint of lime blossom on the nose. On the palate, green apple is  followed by emerging notes of pineapple and ginger—a perfect companion for stir-fry season.

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