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Sandy Gribbin

Sandy Gribbin's Picks

“When the winegrower is the author…”

If you’ve read any of my recommendations before you might know that I appreciate when a non-English speaking winemaker has the confidence to not rely on appealing to an English-speaking audience. My pet theory is that the fewer English words on the bottle the better the wine must be! Bodegas Aessir challenges this assertion while at the same time exemplifying this disregard spectacularly! Look at that label – no frills spent on the marketing department there! But there is some no fuss use of English stating directly what the deal is with what is to be found inside the bottle. This is a natural wine and, as they say on their website, that means, “the winegrower is the author.”

This natural beauty is a great example of the pleasure of wines where the grapes are allowed to come to the fore. This is a spritely rather than ponderous Syrah. Bright, clean juiciness shines through well-balanced, it lingers for just a while on the tongue.

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