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Tess Durham

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Established in 1999 after over two decades of consulting and becoming the “Queen of the Torrontes grape”, Susana Balbo settled in Lujan de Cuya, Mendoza to put her expertise to practice. The venture was incredibly fruitful, as she was awarded numerous titles, including being listed as one of the “10 most influential women in the wine world” by Drink Business Magazine in 2018.

This Crios Torrontes is the perfect expression of the grape and how Susana has harnessed its qualities and expression throughout many years of working with it. It is bright, fresh, medium bodied and very aromatic. With strong white flower, orange blossom and lychee on the nose, the palette holds up with apricot, lively acidity and a strong mineral finish. What doesn’t this wine pair with? Other than overpowering umami flavours, this wine would be in perfect company with almost any summer dish. Green salads and Asian dishes have been my favourite pairings but strong cheeses, even goat cheese and smoked seafood would bring out excellent qualities in this wine as well. Enjoy!

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