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photo of staff member Tristan Gray

Tristan Gray

Retail Staff

Tristan has been a familiar face at Bishop’s Cellar for quite some time. He left for a few years but we’re thrilled to have him working part-time in the shop again. Tristan enjoys keeping his palate sharp and finding the right product for each customer.

Our resident conversationalist, Tristan can engage just about anyone in a quality discussion about wine and spirits. He knows his stuff and enjoys learning more whenever he can. Tristan believes that understanding wine culture helps enrich other parts of his life as well. He’s interested in reading, enjoying new music and films, and brushing up on his kitchen creations.

Tristan Gray's Picks

Legend has it this vermouth owes its name to stockbrokers in Turin ordering a measure of vermouth with a half measure of amaro. Punt e Mes is a more assertive (read: bitter) vermouth than your average, but you get a lot of flavour along with that added bitterness. It’s great on the rocks or as an aperitif with seltzer or sparkling wine but shines the brightest in a myriad of Negroni and Manhattan variations that will breathe new life into old favourites. 

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