2 Crows – Biere de Coupage Blended Saison (473ml)

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    Farmhouse Ale

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    Nova Scotia

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2 Crows Brewing Co. is the brainchild of husband and wife duo Mark and Kelly Huizink and brewer Jeremy Taylor. They brew modern beers with care and focus on quality. Their aim is to get people thinking about craftsmanship, where their beer is coming from and the various characteristics that make beer great.

Tasting Notes

Biere de Coupage is a blend of young, hop-forward saison with barrel-aged sour beer. It strikes a lovely balance between hop bitterness and aroma with complex acidity and funk, that is rarely found in beers outside this style.

The result is a really lovely representation of what an ideal 2 Crows oak-aging program would look like. Balanced acidity, firmly bitter, with bright overripe pineapple + strawberry characteristic, a bit of pithiness and oak tannin, and restrained funk.


To start the process, brewers made a peppy, hop-forward saison base with local Pilsner, wheat, and Vienna malt, and hopped assertively with Sterling, Huell Melon, and (lots of) Saaz, and fermented with a combination of the brewery’s house saison strain and Brett Q from Escarpment Labs.

To this hoppy saison base, a selection of 8 particular barrels that were found to have the right balance of acidity, zippiness, funk, and earthy character was blended together. These barrels had a range of different golden beers in them, and had been in barrel for anywhere from 15 to 20 months.

Then the beer naturally carbonated, and was finished with dry hopping with lots of Saaz, some Huell Melon, and a bit of Bru-1 for a bit of a rounded and new world kick to this classic beer.

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