2 Crows – Tobeatic Wild Ale (355ml)

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    Mixed Fermentation Beer

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    Nova Scotia

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2 Crows Brewing Co. is the brainchild of husband and wife duo Mark and Kelly Huizink and brewer Jeremy Taylor. They brew modern beers with care and focus on quality. Their aim is to get people thinking about craftsmanship, where their beer is coming from and the various characteristics that make beer great.

Tasting Notes

Tobeatic Wild is a saison/lager hybrid dreamed up from 2 Crows in collaboration with Beerlab! in Ontario, bringing together all the lovely things about both these styles: dryness, fun little ester profile, and crisp, clean drinkability.

This beer is aged on a boatload of l’Acadie pomace from Lightfoot & Wolfville. Little bit of funk, some nice winey aromatics, crisp, not overly spicy.


Brewed with local barley, a decent amount of rice, and a touch of spelt, and moderately hopped with Saphir and Huell Melon. Brewers fermented this beer warm-ish with their house saison yeast, before chilling the beer to 10C, brewing a krausen brew (exact same base, just less volume) that was then fermented with a clean German lager yeast before pumping it into the original brew and capping the tank. Once the lager yeast had finished fermenting, they dropped the temp to -1C and let the beer lager for about 8 weeks.

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