3 Fontenien – Oude Gueuze Lambic (375ml)

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    Spontaneous Fermentation

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    Gueuze LambicSpontaneously fermented with bacterial and yeast-derived sourness, sometimes including acetic flavours; characterized by blending old and new lambics that re-ferment in the bottle. Learn More

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    Flemish Brabant

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Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen is one of the last traditional lambic breweries and geuze blenders in Belgium. Rooted in the village of Beersel in the Zenne Valley between Brussels and the Pajottenland, 3 Fonteinen has a firm belief of what lambic tradition looks like. That is why they steadfastly continue to create the finest authentic lambic beers – 100% spontaneous from brew to bottle – continuing with the same strict process and craftsmanship used by Gaston and Armand Debelder. Family-owned with a team of 15 enthusiasts, they still brew in the village centre of Beersel while giving our barrels and bottles of geuze and fruit lambic time to develop in a special warm room in Lot, a few kilometers away from the brewery.

Tasting Notes

The classic aromas of gueuze come through in this refined, yet exciting blend of 1, 2, and 3 year old lambic beer. Herbal notes of lemon rind, hay, leather, and earthy funk mingle together perfectly. The palate is light and refreshing with refreshing acidity and a bone dry, complex finish that will develop in the cellar for years (decades) to come.


Lambics are the beers of this region in Belgium, and are among the world’s rarest: they are beers fermented with wild, airborne yeast – no yeast is added by the brewers. Lambics come only from the Senne River valley, near Brussels – a region about 15 by 75 miles in size. The unusual, demanding, and unique flavors that come from multiple yeast strains are unmatched in the world of beer.

This Oude Geuze is the 108th blend of the 2018/2019 season, and is a blend of lambikken originating from eight different brews and six different barrels. A portion of the oude lambikken was brewed in February 2016. The weighted average age upon its release was 47 months, including bottle maturation of over 2,5 years.

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