3 Fontenien Oude Kriek 375ml (375ml)

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    Fruit Lambic

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3 Fonteinen is a Belgian brewery producing spontaneously fermented Lambic beers,  specializing in Geuze and Kriek. The brewery is situated in Beersel, near Brussels and produces classic versions of both Kriek and Geuze. They are considered one of the most prolific and traditional breweries of this rare style of beer. The beers are made with exceptional care and balance, and due to the stability of the product, they can be aged for years to come.  

Tasting Notes

3 Fonteinen Oude Kriek is a traditional kriek lambic released annually in several batches by the brewery. It is produced by macerating cherries, including the pits, in young lambic. After bottling, it is stored in a warm room for at least four months to help with secondary fermentation in the bottle.

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