Affino Aperitivo (750ml)

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Affino is a modern reimagining of the classic Italian aperitivo. A tradition mostly associated with northern Italy, an aperitivo is a drink meant to awaken the tastebuds before a meal and is usually not especially strong. This social tradition of conversing over a light drink and/or snack before dinner is certainly one worth borrowing! Whether mixing with sparkling wine, sparkling water, or even other famous aperitivos, the versatile and subtle flavour of Affino makes the number of combinations nearly limitless.

Tasting Notes

Delicate with an herbal backbone, Affino has a pronounced lemony citrus flavour with gentle warming spices and a long but subtly bitter finish.


Affino Aperitivo is made by infusing neutral spirit with a variety of botanicals dominated by lemon, orange, and cinnamon to create a lightly bittersweet spirit ideal for a myriad of spritz drinks and cocktails.

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