Amaretto Veneziano Saliza (700ml)

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Shortly after the conclusion of the Second World War, Bepi Tosolini began distilling grappa. For the most part, grappa had been made from the waste pomace from winemaking and was a bulk-distilled product that had reputation as a drink enjoyed for its accessibility and price rather than its refinement. Bepi imagined a more elevated expression of grappa was possible and set about outlining new techniques for distilling and ageing his spirits that would allow him to refine his grappa. Three generations later, Bepi’s little company has had a huge influence on the modernization of grappa and transforming it from a rustic afterthought to a true art form.

Saliza Amaretto is a rich, tasty liqueur from the Italian producer Bepi Tosolini and their world class grape spirit forms the base for this liqueur infused with real almonds. Like with every product in the Bepi Tosolini portfolio, it is an attempt to elevate its category beyond the mundane by combining quality ingredients with expert methods to capture the essence of the almonds.

Tasting Notes

The Amaretto Saliza is bursting with rich toasty almond, cherry, ginger, and orange aromas and the palate is silky with honeyed almonds, apricot, and vanilla flavours that remain surprisingly vibrant and fresh considering its richness. The finish is long and sweet with subtle accents of ginger spiciness.


Unlike most amaretto, Amaretto Saliza avoids the use of any extracts or concentrates and is made by macerating real crushed almonds in grape spirit. The almonds are then removed from the maceration, and spirit is distilled through these almond pieces again. Afterwards, the two almond spirits are then blended, sweetened, and bottled at 28% alcohol by volume.

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