Annapolis Brewing Court House Coffee Vanilla Stout (500ml)

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    American Stout

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    Ale Learn More

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  • Region

    Nova Scotia

  • Sub-Region

    Annapolis Valley

Annapolis Brewing started a couple years ago and is located in the historic old town of Annapolis Royal. A couple of friends that were avid home brewers and decided to take it to the next level. They serve pints at the taproom near the water, and also package their beer that’s found all over Nova Scotia.

Tasting Notes

This coffee vanilla stout is a robust, smooth beer with the hint of bitterness at the end. The vanilla and coffee can’t be missed. Something to sip on these cooler summer nights, let it warm up a little in the glass to get more flavours to come out.


The 7 malts that make up this stout provide a lot of complexity, showcasing roasted malt flavours along with deep chocolatey and coffee-like notes that when combined with the added vanilla, compliments the natural flavours found in the beer.

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