Bellwoods White Picket Fence (500ml)

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Bellwoods is a special, experimental brewery that we’ve been trying to get on our shelves for years! Bellwoods began as a small brewery, and pub in downtown Toronto. They officially opened their doors to the public in April 2012, and they have spent the time between then and now working towards the rather ambitious goal not to run out of beer!
This beloved Ontario brewery makes a variety of bright, fresh, hoppy styles ranging from aromatic pale ales, to fruity Double IPAs. They’ve got an enthusiasm for Imperial Stouts as well as a focus on producing farmhouse and/or wild ales, utilizing various strains of Brettanomyces (a type of “wild” yeast) and bacteria.

Tasting Notes

A symbol synonymous with Bellwoods Brewery; White Picket Fence has undergone a complete overhaul and its repurposed form much better reflects the direction of the brewery. Premiering at Witchstock, this first batch of the newly transformed White Picket Fence is brewed with the addition of wheat, oats and rye and fermented and conditioned in foeders for 6 months, blended with fresh saison, then gently dry-hopped before bottle conditioning. 5.8% ABV
Bursting with aromas of vibrant citrus, juicy stone fruit and pear. This beer’s acidity balances the bitterness perfectly, lending a riesling-like minerality that is both refreshing and complex.

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