Boar’s Back Cask 17-12 (750ml)

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    Cider Learn More

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    Nova Scotia

  • Sub-Region

    Annapolis Valley

For centuries in the Annapolis Valley, farmers have pressed apples and fermented the juice in cool cellars over many months as a means of preservation and to yield a diverse range of cider refreshments. Boars Back Cider uses native and selected wine yeasts to ferment pure apple juice in oak casks, for a natural taste that harkens back to years past. The cider is bottled with a small amount of residual sugar remaining, allowing for the fermentation to continue and finish in bottle, yielding a naturally sparkling dry cider.

Tasting Notes

Boar’s Back Cask series is always different from cask to cask! Cask 17-12 is barrel fermented and aged cold and slow to develop rich, almost wine-like aromas and textures. These ciders are bone dry and have pleasing carbonation but not over the top. Very elegant, these ciders will impress even wine drinkers! 

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