Boar’s Back Sidra (500ml)

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    Nova Scotia

For centuries in the Annapolis Valley, farmers have pressed apples and fermented the juice in cool cellars over many months as a means of preservation and to yield a diverse range of cider refreshments. Boars Back Cider uses native and selected wine yeasts to ferment pure apple juice in oak casks, for a natural taste that harkens back to years past. The cider is bottled with a small amount of residual sugar remaining, allowing for the fermentation to continue and finish in bottle, yielding a naturally sparkling dry cider.

Tasting Notes

Equal parts Russet and Spy with lesser volumes Cortland and McIntosh apples were pressed in November 2017 and allowed to spontaneously ferment slowly through the winter. A still cider the Spanish tradition, this sidra is barrel aged to dryness for 8 months then bottled unfiltered with zero sulphur addition. An intense floral nose gives way to dry red apples with a touch of volatile acidity. Drink it now or let it turn to delicious vinegar. 
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