Boatskeg Distilling Bootleg Vodka (750ml)

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    Vodka Learn More

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    Nova Scotia

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    Lower West Pubnico

It all began when two local friends came up with an idea. One of them had an old abandoned boat shop, the other a descendant of bootleggers.  Together, they combined their bootlegging and boatbuilding heritage to create a craft distillery from an old Nova Scotian boatyard.  Boatskeg Distilling is a craft distillery located in Lower West Pubnico, Nova Scotia aiming to distill and blend small batch spirits and ready-to-drink canned products.  

Tasting Notes

From the distillery: Inspired by our rich bootlegging history, this small batch pours extra smooth and ocean pure. Crafted with care, it sets a new standard for socializing and simple enjoyment.


Meant to be colourless, odourless and neutral Vodka can be made from many different base ingredients, but traditionally cereal grains or potatoes are used. Fermentation takes place (water+yeast+base ingredient) which creates the base alcoholic liquid The base liquid is then distilled into a “purer” spirit. Depending on the distillery’s preference, this process can be repeated again and again. After distillation the spirit is filtered through (typically) charcoal, removing any leftover impurities, leaving you with a clean product. This remaining product is high in alcohol and water is then added to bring the vodka down to a desired ABV, usually 40%.

Bootleg Vodka is made using a corn sugar mash. Distilled in a traditional column still, then re-distilled in a modern Polish made still, followed by charcoal filtering, blending, and bottling.

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