Boatskeg Distilling Bootleg Vodka (750ml)

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    Vodka Learn More

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    Nova Scotia

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    Lower West Pubnico

It all began when two local friends came up with an idea. One of them had an old abandoned boat shop, the other a descendant of bootleggers.  Together, they combined their bootlegging and boatbuilding heritage to create a craft distillery from an old Nova Scotian boatyard.  Boatskeg Distilling is a craft distillery located in Lower West Pubnico, Nova Scotia aiming to distill and blend small batch spirits and ready-to-drink canned products.  

Tasting Notes

This corn based vodka goes down clean and smooth, with a slightly sweet finish.  Easy to drink neat and would make a great base for cocktails.  


Bootleg Vodka is made using a corn sugar mash. Distilled in a traditional column still, then re-distilled in a modern Polish made still, followed by charcoal filtering, blending, and bottling in West Pubnico, NS.  40% ABV

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