Boscarelli Vin Santo Occhio di Pernice DOC (375ml)

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    BiscottiBlue CheesePanna Cotta

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The Boscarelli story began in 1962 with founder Egidio Corradi’s dream of producing a noble wine that exalts the aromas and flavors of his native land while imparting the elegance he loved.  After having left his native home in the Montepulciano region of the Siena countryside, he worked most of his life as an international broker in Northern Italy. Yet, his passion for wine and longing for his home region spurred him to purchase two old farms in the Montepulciano area.  The land had long been cultivated in the traditional way with different annual crops and small vineyards.  Together with his daughter, Paola, and her husband they started the Boscarelli estate.  

Tasting Notes

Do not be fooled; this is not your cheep and sickly sweet vin santo you buy in a Tuscan tourist trap to go along with your cantucci.  This is a proper traditional Vin Santo that offers complexity, depth and balance.  The “occhio di pernice” style of Vin Santo is more rare and made from red grapes (most Vin Santo is made from white).  Vibrant amber colour, intense nose of preserved cherries, figs, tobacco, brown sugar, the palate is sweet, viscous but still lifted thanks to juicy acidity.  The flavours linger long after you’ve swallowed.  Enjoy this slightly chilled in lieu of dessert or alongside a cheese plate, with custardy sweets like panna cotta, creme caramel or tiramisu.  It would also liven up a basic pound cake.  


The juice is obtained from mostly Sangiovese grapes with a minimal amount of other local red varieties.  The grapes are harvested at typical ripeness and left to dry after harvest (appassimento).  After pressing the grapes, the resulting sweet juice is transferred to small wooden vessels, called caratelli, of different sizes (20  to 50 litres) and the bung hole at the top of the vessel is sealed with wax.  The juice, thanks to the naturally occuring yeasts present on the grapes begins to ferment in these little barrels in the absence of oxigen (though some oxigen exchnage could occure through the wooden staves).  The caratelli are only then opened after 4-5 years.  During this period of ageing, temperature differences are ideal and necessary for producing the desired and classic Vin Santo.

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