Boxing Rock Hunky Dory Can (473ml)

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    American Pale Ale

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    Ale Learn More

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    Nova Scotia

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The Boxing Rock Brewing Company is located in Shelburne on Nova Scotia’s South Shore. Exploding on the Nova Scotia scene in 2013, Boxing Rock’s team produces innovative and traditional beers, offering a wide range of styles and offerings for every taste and preference.

According to local folklore, Boxing Rock is where bickering seamen were left by their captain to sort out their differences. The choice: box until only one could return to the ship or shake hands and share a beer.

Tasting Notes

Aromatic and lively with bright citrus zest aromas, balanced by lightly toasted malt character and a background herbal note from the green tea. Drinks with bold flavours, a long finish and refreshing carbonation so you’re ready for the next sip.

5.0% abv


The story goes that the brewers at Boxing Rock get up extra early on Monday’s to zest citrus by hand for this beer, and World Tea House green tea is added to every batch to give an aromatic lift as well as compliment the natural flavours from the American hops.


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