Brauerei Greif Hefeweizen (500ml)

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Celebrating 150 years of classic Bavarian brewing, Greif brewery makes a wide range of lagers and ales from super light helles to deep rich bocks. Starting off as a small village brewery, they saw technological advancements in the 1990’s which helped them install proper bottling lines, filtration systems and cellars to keep every aspect of their beer in pristine condition.  Though not as large or as old as some other Bavarian breweries, Greif produces exceptional lagers that deserve their moment in the spotlight. 

Tasting Notes

The famous Bavarian ale, in all it’s glory. Greif makes one of the most delicate and beautiful Weissebiers we’ve ever tried. Super light body with massive Champagne-like carbonation, creamy texture and the classic banna-clove aromas and flavours.

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