Burnside Brewing – Werewolfe American Porter (473ml)

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    Ale Learn More

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    Dark Beer

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    American Porter

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    Nova Scotia

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The Spindrift Brewing Company is now called The Burnside Brewing Company

Established in Dartmouth’s Burnside Park in 2015, and immediately starting out with one single core beer, the Coastal Amber Lager. Spindrift, now Burnside Brewing, made waves throughout the province and quickly started producing a wide range of lagers, then followed with an impressive selection of barrel aged beers, and hoppy ales. All these  years later, you’ll find them still focusing on a core lineup of award winning lagers, some under the side brand; Toller, as well as fruited sours, IPA’s, and thick stouts. 

Tasting Notes

A beer that will transform your taste buds, Werewolfe American Porter is named in honour of it’s creator, Logan Wolfe. Each sip is a blend of chocolate and roasted coffee with the aroma of pine and citrus that creates a complex and satisfying, robust flavour. The malt’s sweetness and hops’ bitterness harmonize for a smooth, dry finish with a rich dark brown colour that is a feast for the eyes.


Roasted malt, caramel-like and chocolate-like characters should be of medium intensity in both flavor and aroma for the American Porter. American-style Porters have evident low to medium hop flavor and aroma and medium to high hop bitterness. The history of this style dates back to U.S. homebrewers who were inspired by English-style brown ales and porters. It sits in flavor between those British styles and is more bitter than both.

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