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Translated as “Field of Enchantment,” Campo de Encanto Grand and Noble is a pisco (grape brandy) from the Ica Valley of Perú. It is an “acholado” style pisco, meaning it is a blend. The blend can be of different combinations of the 8 allowable grapes before distillation or it can be a blend of finished variety eau de vies. Traditionally, these recipes are handed down in families and organizations and thus no two acholado piscos will taste quite the same. Encanto is sustainably harvested, vinted, and distilled according to the strictest standards set by the Comisión Nacional del Pisco of Perú.

Tasting Notes

Campo de Encanto showcases vibrant citrus, wild flowers, stone fruit, and sublte pine sap on the nose. The palate is soft, fruity, and multi-layered with jasmine blossoms and cracked pepper resonating on the long warming finish. A lovely change of pace for Grappa enthusiasts to sip, this pisco is a phenomenal cocktail ingredient as well.


Peruvian Pisco is distilled only once in a pot-still and no wood aging is allowed nor are alterations or enhancements including dilution with water. Campo de Encanto is a cuvee of many different small batches, across vintages, and four different varietals: Quebranta (74%), Torontel (6%), Moscatel (4%) and Italia (16%). After being rested in a neutral vessel for one year, Campo de Encanto is bottled as is at roughly 40.5% alcohol by volume.

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