Cave du Roi Dagobert Edelzwicker (1000ml)

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    White Wine

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    White Blend

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    AperitifCharcuterieCold Salads

Cave du Roi Dagobert is a cooperative with now almost 1000 hectares of vines and 250 member winemakers originating from around 20 communes situated between Molsheim and Marlenheim.  The Cave du Roi Dagobert is now a key figure in Alsatian wine production. Thanks to hard work and commitment from its winemakers, the winery has built a solid reputation for professionalism and quality. 

Tasting Notes

Edelzwicker is simple and easy to drink, a combination of fruit and freshness in the mouth. Light-bodied, it has minimal ageing potential and is best served with simple dishes such as salads and charcuterie.


This Edelzwicker is a blend of Alsace white grapes and made in a demi-sec style.  Common Edelwicker grapes are  Riesling, Muscat, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer, Sylvaner, Chasselas and Pinot Blanc.  

What is important to remember with blended wines is that their grape variety on AOC Alsace labels is not obligatory. So it’s possible to come across wines blended with several grape varieties but with no specific mention on its label.  In practice, the term Edelzwicker is commonly used to designate any blending of white AOC Alsace grape varieties, without any indication of percentage.  The varieties can be vinified together or separately.  The vintage year on the label is not obligatory.  In the past these different varieties came from the same parcel. Initially called Zwicker (blending), the prefix Edel (meaning noble) was added to show how only noble grape varieties were chosen and not any from large-scale producers. Edelzwicker can be made using all the Alsace white wine varieties, without having any proportion indications or constraints and can be the varieties can be vinified together or separately. 
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