Compass Distillers Spiced Rhumb (750ml)

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    Nova Scotia

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    Rum Learn More

Compass Distillers is a craft distillery in the North end of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Only high quality natural ingredients are used and the product is nurtured throughout every step of its creation. Everything happens in the small distillery on Agricola Street; customers are encouraged to stop into the beautiful space, taste and learn about the distilling the process. The head distiller loves his job, and you can taste that in the delicious well made spirits that he crafts.

Tasting Notes

It is not a typo! The spiced rhumb is made from Compass Rhumb ( made from Canadian Molasses, distilled to perfection and un-aged). It is made by adding whole spices, fresh orange peel, and whole vanilla beans in a very small 300 litre batch. It is only rum, spices, and orange peel straight up. No sugar or flavours added. A delicious, traditional combination of that sips great on ice, or mixes with eggnog or coke. It tastes of vanilla, clove, cinnamon, cardamom; perfectly balance, smooth and spicy.

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