Devonian Coast Premium Tawny Fortified Wine (500ml)

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    Nova Scotia

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The Devonian Coast family of wineries includes Jost Vineyards, Gaspereau Vineyards and Mercator Vineyards.

Together their wineries combine extraordinary resources to nourish our collective passion and commitment to providing the finest wines and wine-focused products to people who love wine. They create wines from grapes that flourish in our Atlantic Canadian terroir and remarkable international wines created in the iconic styles of key winemaking regions around the world.

Tasting Notes

Made from a blend of local red grape varietals, the Devonian Coast Wineries Premium Tawny showcases a time tested traditional method of wine making in a fresh and invigorating grape-growing region. This rich and unctuous fortified wine coats your palate with red fruit flavours such as cherry and cranberry, while the more subtle notes of vanilla and nuts linger on the finish from the oak aging this wine receives.

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