Domaine Dupeuble Rose (750ml)

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In the hamlet of Le Breuil, deep in the southern Beaujolais and perched above a narrow creek, the Domaine Dupeuble has been running almost continuously since 1512. The vineyards are cared for without the use of any chemicals or synthetic fertilizers. Most of the vines are Gamay, planted facing Southeast, South, and Southwest and about two thirds of the property is on granite-based soil. The grapes are harvested manually and vinified completely without SO2. The wines are not chaptalized, filtered, or degassed and only natural yeasts are used for the fermentation. The wines of Dupeuble represent some of the best values in the Beaujolais today and are widely regarded for their very high quality.  

Tasting Notes

This Gamay rose gets its pretty pink hue from direct pressing.  The wine is vinified in stainless steel and undergoes full malolactic fermentation.  This is a red berry fruit driven rose with medium weight and a rich texture from one of our favourite Beaujolais producers.    

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    Love this juicy, fruity rosé. Love their rouge as well. Try one of each. Serve with a good chill. The rosé should be good with prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella sprinkled with Maldon salt. Definitely works with Indian food (Turmeric, Cumin, Chili) but you need acidic white wines for creamy curries and non-acidic for tomato-based ones. Italian, garlic or honey garlic sausage, lamb w/ herbs & peri peri, and very good with cheeses such as Cacio di Bosco (with truffle), Excentrique and Manchego (think hard and salty). Dry French sausage with walnuts, Miss Vickie’s Lime & Black Pepper, Sweet Southern BBQ and Harvest Cheddar & Herb. Buy a case and this summer’s going to be fun, fun, fun!

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