Domaine Eric Thill Savagnin (750ml)

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Eric and Bérengère Thill make wines from their small holdings in the south of the Jura some 45 kilometres south of Arbois. Here they grow the traditional Jura grape varieties including Chardonnay,  Savagnin,  Pinot Noir and Poulsard. They were certified organic by Ecocert in 2015.  Eric was originally from Alsace and prefers to work with single grape varieties.  Their vines are planted close to the forests which provide diversity.  Their wines will appeal to  natural wine lovers as they use a minimalist winemaking approach and eschew the use of sulphites.   

Savagnin is a high-quality white-wine grape cultivated almost exclusively in the Jura.  It is mainly known as the grape of Vin Jaune, a sherry-like white wine from that region, though is not limited to this style of wine.  Renowned ampelographer Pierre Galet maintains that Savagnin is identical to the Traminer grape and consequently Gewurtztraminer is the pink-berried musqué mutation of Savagnin.  

Tasting Notes

This is an ouillé style of Savagnin (meaning that it is an non-oxidative style, not a Vin Jaune.  The ageing vessels have been topped up to protect wine from oxygen).   This Savagnin has stone fruit aromas and density on the palate making for a lovely expression of this variety.  The winemaker, Eric is from Alsace and he loves Savagnin as it reminds him of Sylvaner.  

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