Dunham Assemblage No. 9 (750ml)

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    Mixed Fermentation Beer

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Brasserie Dunham has been making some of Quebec’s best farmhouse, and Belgian style beers for several years now. Tucked away in the sleepy town of Dunham only 10 minutes from the Vermont border, Brasserie Dunham also has a cozy little courtyard patio, organic restaurant, and a couple rooms upstairs to rent for tired travelers. All of their beers have a similar profile that’s clean, bright, and superbly balanced and refined – truly masters of their craft. 

Tasting Notes

For the 9th installment of Dunham’s “assemblage” series comes a selection of barrique aged (large, old oak tanks) Cyclone IPA that’s been left to mellow and pickup various yeast characters from the barrels. Aging beer in these old tanks creates a different beer every time as the bacteria/yeast that live in the wood can change after every batch of beer, this creates very nuanced and complex beer. This particular beer has had a very fruity IPA poured in, once the bacteria interacts with the hoppy fruitiness it can create something really magical. This will surely be an enjoyable beer to share with friends!

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