Dunham Citra de Table (750ml)

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Dunham brewery was founded on June 1st 2011. Their portfolio reflects their passion for this fine nectar. Inspired by classics European brewery traditions, Dunham’s expertise is firmly oriented towards exploration and renewal of kinds. The approach is clearly rooted in the American modern wave, which shakes the foundations of North American breweries for a quarter of a century. Through the outstanding menu, they wish to tickle your taste buds and switch on your senses!

Tasting Notes

Bright citrus notes shine through a wonderfully complex aroma that lead into a refreshing, low alcohol Belgian style ale that finishes dry.


Dunham’s take on the “Table Beer” features the Citra hop – known for it’s bright citrus aromas and flavours. This style is also low-alcohol, originally brewed for farmhands that needed a refreshing mid-day drink without all the effects of alcohol.

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