Dunham Concubine – Saison w/Matcha Green Tea (750ml)

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Located in the small country town of Dunham, Quebec, about thirty minutes from the Vermont border, is Brasserie Dunham. Brewmaster Eloi Deit, formerly of Quebec’s famous Le Cheval Blanc, took over the struggling little brewpub as a temporary moonlighting gig. Before he knew it, he had cleaned house, ditched the recipes, and when the sun came up, he had created something truly special. 

These days, Brasserie Dunham is known for a wide variety of beers, but especially their saisons and barrel aged beers. Surrounded by fruit farmers, honey producers, cideries, and wineries, Eloi’s geography is not unlike Hill Farmstead, and the effect it has on his mindset as a brewer is similarly nuanced. Beautiful, fluffy, balanced beers that are bright and full of flavor.


Tasting Notes

An aroma reminiscent of old world saisons. Rich malt character of toasted bread and subtle caramel notes that mingle with spicy and herbal tones. The palate is full of flavour – dominant notes of marmalade, orange pekoe tea, and white pepper. Mouthfeel has big carbonation, but not as intense as some other Dunham offerings, and the finish is long, and dry with subtle alcohol warmth.

7.5% abv


Matcha green tea and green jade pearl rice combine in this complex take on Saison. Rice, when added to a beer will create a lighter body. This is usually seen in industrial lagers, but when done correctly it can be wonderful in craft beers. The Matcha Green Tea adds a complex herbal component.

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