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Eventide – Rouge Hopped Mead (473ml)

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    Nova Scotia

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Established in 2022, and born from a shared love of craft beverages. Owners Eric Hynes and Ronnie Lunn decided to take their home-brewing to the next level. With so few mead options available in the province along with a burgeoning craft mead scene upcoming in America, the team knew it was the right time to open Eventide.

Eventide Mead provides a modern, premium craft mead to a growing local market; never sacrificing their high quality standards. With their products, they strive to bring a new style of mead to the province, and drive innovation in this space for Nova Scotia.

Tasting Notes

If you like hops, you’ll love our hopped mead, Rogue. Inspired by the IPA tradition, you’ll find mild pine upfront, with lots of citrus to follow. Not too overpowering, this mead lets the hops really show their profile, and encourages your taste buds to tingle.

Traditionally, meads are in a wine or aperitif based style, and can be quite sweet. Even within the carbonated, session style of brewing, meads can still tend to hold quite a bit of sweetness. Fermenting down as low as possible creates a product that is unique to the local Nova Scotia market. This creates a very crisp and drinkable mead that you’ll love!

6.5% abv


Eventide Meaderey makes Short Mead. Short Mead is a style of mead that has a lower alcohol content than traditional mead, is less sweet because it uses less honey than wine-style mead and is typically carbonated. The base of all the brews at Eventide Mead is thanks to three key ingredients; honey, water, and yeast. From there, the mead is fermented down quite low, leaving little amounts of residual sugar. The Rogue is their dry-hopped version of the regular Golden Hour offering.

Through a partnership with Cosman & Whidden Honey in Greenwich as the honey supplier, Eventide is able to make complex products with interesting flavour profiles.

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    Refreshing drink with beautiful hop flavour that is not too overpowering.

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