Gekkeikan Draft Nama Sake (300ml)

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Jiemon Okura, Gekkeikan’s founder, established his sake brewery in the town of Fushimi in 1637. This makes the company now known as Gekkeikan (Crown of Laurel) one of the oldest in the world. Okura chose Fushimi because of its well-known quality of water and the access to ideal ingredients coupled with its convenient location which enabled Okura and his successors’ business to thrive.

With the appreciation for Japanese cuisine and sake in particular growing in the West, Gekkeikan opened a new location in Folsom California in 1989 in order to meet demand. This proved another saavy move for Gekkeikan as currently the brand controls roughly a quarter of the American sake industry.

Tasting Notes

Zesty citrus, pear, and banana blossoms typify this light crisp and dry sake. This gentle nama sake is best suited to foods that are also delicate like shellfish, salads, and appetizers but can also pair well with spicy foods.


Nama” means fresh but it also has a more specific definition when it comes to sake production: unpasteurized or raw. Most sake is pasteurized multiple times in order to kill off destructive enzymes and lactic acid bacteria that accelerate the ageing and deterioration of sake. Because nama sake is not subjected to these pasteurization cycles and bottled immediately after fermentation, the flavours and aromas of nama sake tend to be notably more fresh, fruity, and vibrant (sometimes even lightly sparkling). This refreshing character means that nama sake is best seved chilled.

The drawback of name sake is that it tends to be less stable and usually should be stored in the refrigerator although Gekkeikan has micro filtered this draft sake in order to preserve its freshness and stability. This draft nama sake is produced in Folsom, California for the North American market to reduce travel times for this young-drinking style of sake. Once opened, Gekkeikan draft nama sake should be refigerated and enjoyed with a couple of weeks for optimal freshness.

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