GLENDRONACH 21 YO “Parliament” (700ml)

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In 1826 the exuberant and extroverted James Allardice founded the distillery and produced his ‘Guid GlenDronach’ single malt. Originally, all of the workers at GlenDronach lived on site, including the distillery manager, staff, excise man, brewer and all of their families. To this day many of the old houses still remain. The distillery draws its water from the Dronac burn within the distillery grounds and has a fairly modest annual production (compared to its neighbors) of just over 1.3M liters. GlenDronach is known for making rich and heavily sherry-influenced whisky that has won the acclaim of many critics and consumers alike.

The “Parliament” refers not to any political entity but rather the “Parliament” of rooks (similar to crows) that have nested in the trees surrounding the distillery for over 200 years.

Tasting Notes

Soft smoke and lemon juice, cedar wood, apple peel, toasty oak, soft earth, date and walnut cake and a hint of freshly made espresso.  The palate shows golden syrup, soft, juicy raisins, tangy oak notes, peach, cherry blossom, cocoa and honeydew melon.  Sherry tones lead the finish, with a hint of sulphur, chocolate, luscious fruit and pepper. This one definitely falls in the “rich and delicious” category and is a real treat!


GlenDronach 21 year old is made with unpeated malted barley and distilled in two copper pot stills with reflux bowls to enhance the mouthfeel and complexity of the spirit. After distillation, the whisky is matured in a combination of top quality Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso sherry casks for a minimum of 21 years before being bottled at 48% alcohol.

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