Glenturret 12 YO (700ml)

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The earliest record of production at Glenturret is in 1763 which gives them confidence to state that The Glenturret is Scotland’s Oldest Working Distillery. Having been visited through the centuries by writers and poets (including Robert Burns) Feted by Primes Ministers and Royalty and home to a long honour roll of skilled distillers, The Glenturret Distillery has long stood proud at the heart of Scotch Whisky. 

Tasting Notes

Rich fruit cake dressed with walnuts. Balanced sweet apple, ginger and lemon tea. The European oak politely drives the chosen strength.


A whisky driven by European Oak casks which have patiently cradled the spirit from its inception 12 years ago after passing through the small batch, manual production processes which defines Glenturret.

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