Godspeed – UMI Gose (355ml)

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Godspeed Brewery owner and head brewer Luc “Bim” Lafontaine cut his teeth homebrewing in the 1990’s, and then eventually became the brewmaster at Monteal’s famous Dieu du Ciel! brewery. After leaving Montreal to live in Japan and open his own brewery, Lafontaine was caught between red tape and the pull of coming home, so he came back to Canada and opened Godspeed in 2015.

Lafontaine is striving to craft beers of simplicity and finesse that express the cardinal flavor of their ingredients. He draws inspiration from traditional Czech brewing and Japanese cuisine, prizing above all the keen attention and care required to allow each element to articulate itself as a discrete part of the composition. When it comes to Godspeed beers,  an “inspiration first” approach is taken; each release its own capstone after many years of travel, collaboration, experimentation, and personal growth. The beer portfolio is intentionally eclectic, running the gamut from bright hoppy pale ales, to classic malt-driven lagers, to bubbly and acerbic saisons. At Godspeed, great pride is taken in honouring centuries-old brewing traditions while putting their own stamp on a variety of styles, often with the help of expressive Japanese ingredients.

In recent years, Lafontaines deepening ties to Czechia have sparked an insatiable desire to brew authentic Czech-style lagers of great distinction.

Tasting Notes

Umi (meaning “Sea or Ocean” in Japanese) is a Gose-style ale with a Japanese touch. Godspeed incorporated shikuwasa citrus and sea salt that originate from the southern tropical islands of Okinawa in Japan, along with Indian coriander seeds to pay homage to historical interpretations of the style.

The fruit addition gives a tangy lime-like note to the beer’s delicate base, but there is a noticeable herbal quality from the coriander as well. The salinity in the finish and bubbly carbonation will almost certainly have you reaching for seconds, but don’t expect this Gose to have pronounced acidic character, this beer is very traditional in that the acidity is kept very low.

4.3% abv


A traditional style of German wheat ale that’s been intentionally soured with bacteria to create a pleasantly tart mouthfeel. The style also sees the addition of sea salt, and coriander for a dry and herbal finish. Godspeed took this initial style and made a few changes, using sea salt from the southern islands of Japan, along with a unique type of citrus called shikuwasa, which has a zesty aroma and rounded sweet/sour flavour.

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