Hard Honey Wildflower Sparkling Mead (355ml)

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    Nova Scotia

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The Hard Honey Company is located in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia. Their mission from day one has been to produce a high quality Mead that is not only true to the land, but most importantly local.

What is Mead you ask? Hard Honey Mead is a high quality 6.2% alcoholic beverage crafted and fermented with 100% Nova Scotia raw honey. It can either be enjoyed as one of the in-house blends or limited edition seasonal batches.

Tasting Notes

This smooth and refreshing Wildflower is simply honey based mead in it’s purest form, made exclusively with Nova Scotia Wildflower Honey. Fermented to 6.2% abv, with a little residual sugar left over for added mouthfeel. Floral honey aromas lead into a bright and refreshing palate with refreshing carbonation.


Raw Nova Scotian honey is fermented to create mead, one of the world oldest beverages. In recent years, some producers have started to carbonate mead, making it a more approachable beverage.

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