Lambert Seyssel Brut Petit Royal (750ml)

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The vineyards of this small appellation in the Savoie region of France are regularly mentioned in documents dating back to at least the 11th century. The sparkling wines of Seyssel are produced according to the same méthode traditionnelle techniques used in Champagne. 

Tasting Notes

A light and floral traditional method sparkling wine made from the Molette and Altesse grapes (don’t worry if you’ve never heard of these; most of us haven’t either!). “L’Altesse is the historic grape of the area for sparkling wines, and it has existed here since 1393. Its name translates to ‘Highness,’ which I guess makes sense in a place like Savoie. Wines from Altesse are remarkable for their aromatic finesse, elegance, and great aging potential. A second grape called Molette is what they consider the key to Royal Seyssel’s success. It is a native Savoie variety, descended from Gouais, with small compact clusters and tiny berries of golden yellow and remarkable acidity…” – Lyle Railsback


Lambert de Seyssel ages the Royal Seyssel for at least three years before disgorging it, giving the wine complex aromas and a fine perlage that makes it stand apart from its regional competitors, which are legally only required to age the wine for a minimum of nine months. The wine also has a low dosage making it a drier style and preserving the character of the grape varieties.

Our Thoughts

Petit Royal is a light and floral traditional method sparkler from Savoie in the south east of France along the Alps. Made from Molette and Altesse (say that ten times fast) it has finesse and elegance for days and is PERFECT to celebrate the end of winter and usher in the changing of the seasons. Cheers!

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