Lindemans x Mikkeller – Spontanbasil Gueuze (750ml)

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    Spontaneous Fermentation

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    Gueuze LambicSpontaneously fermented with bacterial and yeast-derived sourness, sometimes including acetic flavours; characterized by blending old and new lambics that re-ferment in the bottle. Learn More

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    Flemish Brabant

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Southwest of Brussels, in the quiet Belgian town of Vlezenbeek, the Lindemans family has been farming and homebrewing as long as anyone can remember. Commercial brewing started in 1822.

Lambic, or spontaneously fermented beers, are the beers of this region and are among the world’s rarest: they are the only beers fermented via wild, airborne yeast – no yeast is added by the brewers. Lambics come only from the Senne River valley, near Brussels – a region about 15 by 75 miles in size. The unusual, demanding, and unique flavors that come from multiple yeast strains are unmatched in the world of beer.

Tasting Notes

Funky aromas of lime zest, basil spice, oak, and earth come leaping from the glass. The palate is lively with a clean Thai basil and lime peel flavour up the middle that’s balanced with lambic earthiness and barrel character. The mouthfeel is light and refreshing, with a bone dry finish and energetic acidity. Try it with capresse salad, or Thai food!


Lindemans SpontanBasil is a unique collaboration between Lindemans and Mikkeller. Breaking the mold among existing beer styles, the brewers combined efforts resulted in this old gueuze with a twist: a blend of one and two-year old Lambic fermented in oak with the addition of fresh basil. Bottle-conditioned, SpontanBasil has a golden color and combines the sourness of lambic with the aromas and flavors of fresh basil. It’s the ideal aperitif, and is also perfect for food pairing.

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