Los Siete Misterios Arroquerno (750ml)

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Siete Misterios was founded in 2010 with the intent of keeping traditional mezcal production at the forefront of the mezcal industry. They produce a wide range of mezcals that all highlight a single agave varietal. Siete Misterios is a direct response to the industrialization seen in the Tequila industry and the growing influence it has had on low-quality mass-produced mezcal. They are dedicated to art of the mezcalero and as such their bottles change batch to batch with agave grown in a slightly different micro-climates.

Tasting Notes

Siete Misterios Arroqueño has a cool damp earth, green pepper, floral and fruity nose with pears and passionfruit accented by rubber tire and leather. The palate is creamy and wine-like with apples, lychee, and stone fruits giving way to cedar, earthy agave, and herbaceous elements of sage and oregano on the long gentle finish. 


Siete Misterios Arroqueño is made with 100% wild-harvested agave Arroqueño. Agave Arroqueño takes 18-25 years to reach maturity before it can be harvested and is one of the largest agave species used for mezcal. It is genetically similar to Espadin and sometimes considered a turbo-charged Espadin in terms of flavour profile. Siete Misterious Arroqueño is milled by hand and doubled-distilled in clay pots before being bottled at ~48% alcohol by volume depending on batch number.

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