Luckett Cordelia Blackberry Dessert Wine (750ml)

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    Nova Scotia

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    CheeseDessertFruit based desserts

From greengrocer to grape grower, Pete Luckett’s hard work, eye for detail and enthusiasm has made him successful in all of his business ventures. It was only natural that Pete plant a vineyard and open a winery on his breathtaking Gaspereau Valley property. Luckett vineyards produces a selection of wines and styles to suit all tastes. 

Tasting Notes

A Port-style, fortified, blackberry dessert wine made from 100% Luckett Farm, estate grown blackberries. Sweet and rich, hot and fresh with lush notes of blackberry, cedar and vanilla. Serve slightly chilled, and enjoy with decadent foods such as duck confit, stilton cheese, pâté and chocolate.

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