Mahrs Pilsner (500ml)

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    German Pilsner

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    Lager Learn More

The very best beer comes from Mahr’s. This tiny brewery in beautiful, historical Bamberg is an offshoot of one of the city’s best pubs. The region of Franconia, in northern Bavaria, is easily the most interesting part of Germany when it comes to brewing. Franconia boasts the most breweries per square kilometer in the world, and by far the widest array of original beer styles in Germany. Bamberg is the cultural heart of Franconia. It also claims nine breweries within the city limits — for only 70,000 inhabitants — and the best, most eclectic variety of beer styles.

Tasting Notes

Mahr’s is the only true craft brewery in Germany that exports to the U.S. Their superlative Pilsner matches the glory of the freshest local Hallertau and Tettnanger hops with the blessed whole-grain goodness of the very best Bavarian malts. It is brewed slowly and naturally and you will love the results. No other German Pilsner has such body, such texture, and that pure, ringing flavor that awakens all your senses.

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