Makolli 902 Original (750ml)

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    Nova Scotia

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    AperitifBurgersSpicy Foods

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    Organic Learn More

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KSR Juga Winery is a rice wine and rice beer producer in Nova Scotia. They have been operating since 2017 and are a proudly Nova Scotian company crafting Korean rice based alcohol beverages using organic ingredients.  Their products are crafted by the original Korean way and infused with Canadian flavours. 

Tasting Notes

Cloudy, milky appearance. Lightly spritzy on the palate with a slightly creamy texture and a fruity-tangy, sweet-sour flavour with a touch of balancing bitterness making it a refreshing and easy to drink beverage.  Enjoy it as an aperitif with slightly spicy foods and burgers.  Serve chilled and consume within a day or two after opening, as one would a wine.    


Makolli902 is made with rice and undergoes a wild fermentation. The ingredients brew together naturally.  There is no water addition, no chemicals to control or encourage certain flavors, no add sugar and naturally gluten-free.  This is a pure and natural premium Makkoli.
Makkoli, also known as makgeolli, is an unfiltered Korean rice wine with a cloudy, milky appearance. It has a moderate alcohol content and is lightly effervescent with a sweet-tart flavor profile. It is one of the oldest alcoholic drinks in Korea and long considered a farmer’s drink.  
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