Muskoka Lunar Haze DIPA Lupulin Powder (473ml)

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    American IPA

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Nestled in the heart of Muskoka, Muskoka Brewery handcrafts premium beers as unique and refreshing as the region they’re from. Founders Gary McMullen and Kirk Evans kicked open the doors of Muskoka Brewery in June of 1996. Currently owned and operated by Todd Lewin and Bob MacDonald, what started as a very small and dedicated team has quickly grown to a passionate band of beer lovers more than 130 strong.

This brew is part of Muskoka’s Moonlight Kettle series: limited release specialty brews that are developed entirely by a trio of Muskoka Brewery staff to tackle new and interesting styles.

What is Lupulin powder? Lupulin powder is an industry innovation more than a trend. It’s well-sought after as it’s a purified concentration of compounds and oils from the hops. By removing all the leafy parts of the hops, a brewer obtains an intense hop aroma and flavour. This gives the beer “higher utilization” of the hop, this is the percentage of flavour and aroma that you get while leaving the astringent stuff behind. It’s a little more expensive because of the process to extract the Lupulin glands in exchange for a an elegantly smooth flavour. The brewers at Muskoka were lucky to grab 20 kg for Lunar Haze because it sells out quick. 

Tasting Notes

This American IIPA is made with Lupulin Powder, a soft dust collected from hop flowers that concentrates the resin compounds and essential oils. Lunar Haze pours a hazy gold with an inviting aroma of ripe tropical fruits, dominated by juicy peach. The taste follows in tropical flavour and stone fruits with a light bitterness and mild malt undertone. Best enjoyed with saucy bbq and cheesecake for dessert, all while listening to some classic Bowie.

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