Muskoka My Heart Beets For You (473ml)

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A stalwart of the Canadian craft beer scene since 1996 – Muskoka brewery has always made consistent, well rounded beers in a variety of styles to please almost anyone. Starting off slow but becoming one of the more established and well known breweries in Ontario that’s now branching into the U.S. and even starting it’s line of distilling products. 

Tasting Notes

As part of Muskoka’s Kettle Series where they release a totally new one-off beer each month. This time up we’ve got “My Heart Beets For You” a pale brewed with pomegranate and beets, aroma is very floral and fruit with just a subtle hint of earthiness. This beer drinks very easy and refreshing with only a touch of earthiness from the beets, but the beets do provide a lot of great ruby red colour! 

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