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Nardini Amaro (1000ml)

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The original Nardini Distillery was established in 1779 near the head of the bridge in Bassano del Grappa in the Veneto region. This location was chosen for its ample water supply which is essential for distilling and also its easy distribution through the series of rivers and canals. Over the years, the distillery has witnessed several battles, the collapse of the Venetian Empire, and the Unification of Italy. Yet through all this change, Nardini has remained a family business now boasting its 7th generation leading the business forward.

This original location is now predominantly a tasting room and historical sight but Nardini’s main production is split between their continuous still operation in Monastier and their batch still operation in Bassano del Grappa. Throughout their product range the unifying theme for all Nardini products is quality and balance embodied by the motto inscribed above the original distillery:

Chi alla vita tiene, beve giusto e beve bene” which means “He who values life, drinks well and drinks right.”

Tasting Notes

Nardini amaro has a beautiful tawny brown colour and boasts an intoxicating blend of bright citrus and minty top notes with deep cola spices and espresso roast bass notes on both the nose and the palate. The bitterness and sweetness are perfectly balanced with a silky-smooth texture and finish that is altogether far too easy to drink. This is an excellent digestif to sip on its own but don’t be afraid to try it out in some cocktails either.


Nardini uses a combination of distillation methods to create their grappas (a blend of continuously distilled and batch distilled spirits) but this amaro is made entirely at the Bassano del Grappa facility and is all batch distilled. The base for this amaro is all grain and it is batch distilled in smaller stills to promote a fuller-bodied texture. The main botanicals are gentian root, bitter orange, and peppermint though the exact blend is not fully known. Once distilled the amaro is subtley sweetened with toasted sugar and bottled at 31% alcohol by volume.

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