Nine Locks – Harvest Pumpkin Ale (473ml)

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    Ale Learn More

  • Beer Category

    Amber Beer

  • Beer Style

    Spiced Ale / Pumpkin Beer

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  • Region

    Nova Scotia

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    Baking SpiceBalancedMalty

Nine Locks Brewing Co. began like many of today’s larger craft beer companies, with a small brewpub making great beer. Shaun O’Hearn, president and co-founder of Nine Locks Brewing Company, was a restaurateur for years before he discovered craft beer, but when he did he loved it so much he built a brewpub under his Halifax landmark pub and eatery, Your Father’s Moustache. Before long, the craft beers they were brewing were so popular, fans of his beer were telling him that he should package it to sell in local beer stores. Unfortunately, his liquor license only allowed him to sell his beer in the restaurant. After hearing this repeatedly, Shaun decided that it would be a good idea to take the beer to the next level.

In the summer of 2014, discussions turned into planning, and then that turned into securing a location, and before they knew it, they were building a brewery.


Tasting Notes

A dark amber ale with a full body and subtle residual sweetness, the pumpkin and spices combine to give a unique flavour to this seasonal offering. A malty backbone provides mouth fullness balancing the crisp spicing.



Pumpkin beers are always a popular style when the cool days of Fall roll in. Inspired from old styles of farmhouse beer that utilize various in-season herbs and spices for different times of the year, today, most craft brewers make the style with a variety of spices to mimic the flavours of pumpkin pie. Some breweries choose to brew a more subtle take on the style, while others go all in with big aromas and intense flavours. This Nine Locks Pumpkin beer sits right in the middle of those ends.

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