Pabst Blue Ribbon 12pk (4260)

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    American Lager

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    Lager Learn More

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Established in Milwaukee in 1844, and changing the name from Best Brewery to Pabst brewery in 1889. Pabst was once America’s second largest brewery. One of the early adopters of canned beer in the early 1920’s, Pabst brewery saw sales surge exceptionally after WWII, further cementing their status as one of America’s most widely known beer brands.

Blue Ribbon is a partnership between Russian-American beer entrepreneur Eugene Kashper and TSG Consumer Partners, a San Francisco–based private equity firm. All Pabst beer for the Canadian market is contract brewed by Sleeman Brewery in Guelph, Ontario.

Tasting Notes

Pouring a clear straw colour with light aromas of bread dough, water cracker, and subtle floral hop character. Palate drinks with light lager flavours, a very approachable mouthfeel with lively carbonation and a smooth finish.


Pabst 5.9 is brewed much like the regular Blue Ribbon, only with a bumped up alcohol percentage. This style of beer is the one of the worlds most consumed sub-styles of beer in the world, the American Lager. Usually made with heavy additions of adjuncts (corn and/or rice) and brewed with the intention of being light on flavour, but big on drinkability. This one goes down smooth.

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