Premium Mixed Feed Nova Scotia Case

6 bottles Montes Alpha Chardonnay
6 bottles Zenato Garda Merlot

Montes Alpha Chardonnay
The intense, complex nose offers tropical fruit aromas such as pineapple, banana, and ripe mango, while pleasing notes of peaches and pears round out the fruity profile. A smooth attack on the palate, with perfectly balanced acidity, results in a very fresh wine that also has generous volume. This Alpha Chardonnay ends with a long and elegant finish that invites another glass.

Zenato Garda Merlot
Intense ruby red colour, with sensations of small fruits, such as raspberry and blueberry, combined with intense and evolved balsamic notes. In the mouth it is gentle, dry, savoury and mineral; characteristics conferred by the uniqueness of the territory. A lovely red that pairs well with many hearty dishes and colder weather.  

*25% of the proceeds from the sale of this case will be donated to Feed Nova Scotia

Feed NS
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