Propeller – Nitro Mocha Oatmeal Stout (473ml)

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    Ale Learn More

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    Dark Beer

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    Oatmeal StoutFlaked oats add a smooth, rich body to the finished beer; roasted malt character is caramel and chocolate-like. Smooth, not bitter. Learn More

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    Nova Scotia

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First opening their doors in 1997, Propeller Brewing Company has gone from a small brewery on Gottingen St. brewing a Pale Ale and an Extra Special Bitter to become one of the largest brewery’s in Nova Scotia and a driving force in this industry. Owner John Allen has allowed the business to grow and branch into multiple locations and a comprehensive product line that includes beer, ready to drink cocktails, and craft sodas. They have won awards both locally and nationally for a wide array of products and continue to experiment with new styles and old favourites.

Tasting Notes

Mocha Oatmeal Stout showcases the best of coffee and beer. Brewed dark and decadent with chocolate and locally roasted coffee, flavours of brown sugar and milk chocolate are layered on fresh espresso. Pours with a pillowy head and a velvety smooth mouthfeel. To get the most out of the nitro carbonation, pour vigorously straight into the glass and watch the cascading nitro bubbles rise to the top and form a dense, creamy head.


Oatmeal Stouts have the addition of flaked oats add a smooth, rich body to the finished beer. This beer style is dark brown to black in colour. Roasted malt character is caramel-like and chocolate-like, and should be smooth and not bitter. Coffee-like roasted barley and malt aromas are prominent, while packed with darker malt flavours and a rich and oily body from the oats.

Coffee and chocolate are also added here to extenuate the roasty notes produced from the dark malts. The Nitro Oatmeal Mocha Stout from Propeller is always a staff favourite every year – to get the best out of it, try not to drink it too cold, or else you’ll miss out on some of that great creamy texture and flavour!

Our Thoughts

Crack it open and give it a vigorous pour! As your nose gets filled with aromas of rich roasted coffee and chocolate, your eyes are treated by the cascading effect of the nitro bubbles; oats paired with nitro, you know you’re in for a velvety texture. When I think of Propeller beer, I tend to first think of their incredible IPA but time after time, I’m amazed by the stouts they put out.

Chocolate, coffee, oats, and beer- what could be better? Brunch beers anyone?

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