Revel Cider Soif (750ml)

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Just outside of Guelph, Ontario, Revel Cider has been slowly building up their repertoire, making a wide range of apple ciders, perrys, fruit wines, and even vermouth! Revel only ferments using spontaneous methods and natural yeasts. They are all fermented to zero grams of sugar, and usually barrel aged and/or blended with fruit, or wine must. They’re delicate and wonderfully complex products that taste as good as the labels look!

Tasting Notes

To make Soif Revel blended spontaneously fermented cider aged on cherries, strawberries and one metric ton of whole cluster Gamay skins. Fruit contact time ranged from 2 to 5 months. 

Our Thoughts

Clocking in at 0g of sugar, this spontaneously fermented apple cider from Guelph is not only lively and brimming with bright acidity and refreshing carbonation. It’s also aged on Ontario Cabernet Franc must, AND strawberries and cherries to give you a vibrant red colour and aromas of freshly picked berries. With a subtle hint of pepper spice on the finish, you really can’t go wrong with pairing this cider with light summer fare like salads, bbq chicken, sausages, and plant based foods. It’s also right home to be enjoyed on it’s own, but be careful since the bottle has a tendency to disappear faster than intended – you may want to buy two!

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