Rittmayer Winter Weizen (500ml)

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Rittmayer has been a family run business since 1422, meaning that they have been brewing before the inception of the German purity law of 1516. George Rittmayer continues this family tradition, but is working with modern equipment and has an innovative approach to brewing. In addition to loving beer and brewing, Rittmayer has a great love and respect for the environment; they are certified by the Technical University of Munich as producing “Solar Beer”, meaning that all energy used in the production is from renewable resources.

Tasting Notes

The aroma has hints of light caramel and subtle sweetness of malt, with some darker fruit notes in the background The palate produces a long-lasting variety of flavours, which is mainly characterized by multi-layered, ripe fruits. In addition, a creamy texture on the palate, which integrates all fruit flavours. The full-bodied taste is complemented by a delicacy, and a fresh, an invigorating character.

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